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CODE: BC36RTU-750M 950 ml 4 Litres Mould & Mildew Killer
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Mould & Mildew Killer

Chemtech BC36 Mould and Mildew Killer works quickly on mould, mildew, moss and algae that grow in moist, warm or high humidity areas. It is ideal for use in bathrooms, showers, kitchens and laundries, on tiles, grouting, ceramics, plaster, vinyl and painted surfaces. BC36 is excellent for exterior use on roofs, gutters, tiles, concrete pavers, blocks and brickwork.

BC36 works by killing the mould spores that cause regrowth, ensuring that your application will give you protection from mould and mildew for a long time. It also removes timber and sap stains from brickwork and concrete blocks.

This powerful and proven formulation for mould and mildew removal is available in a variety of sizes from leading hardware retailers; RTU 750ml & concentrated 950 and 4L.